Certified NLP Practitioner in Malay (Pensijilan Pengamal NLP)

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) menggabungkan pelbagai ilmu dan kajian dalam bidang yang berbeza seperti sibernetika (cybernetics), linguistik neurologi, dan pemodelan. Dengan menggunakan pemodelan, Dr Richard Bandler dan Profesor John Grinder, ma

Design Thinking with NLP; Law of Attraction

This Design Thinking with NLP course is specially designed in the Malay language to cater to Malaysians and Indonesians who would like to understand how to better make right business and life decisions with the powerful tool of NeuroLinguistics Progr

NLP Coaching Skills for Managers

Being a successful manager requires not only business knowledge, but also coaching skills. This course teaches you how to handle the challenges you face in your role as a manager and a leader in a team. Understand what's coaching all about and how

NLP Master Practitioner

In this engaging 9 days NLP Master Practitioner workshop, you will discover how to elevate all your dreams to reality. Learn how to sail through your deepest challenges and grab back the controls of your life.

NLP Practitioner Certification

In this engaging 7-day NLP Practitioner workshop, you will discover how to develop your emotional intelligence to increase your personal and interpersonal effectiveness in your personal lives and at work. Learn how to sail through your deepest challe

StoryTelling Skills for Organisational Change

Surely you can remember the one time that were fascinated by a good story. Think for a moment, have you ever watched a movie or read a blog that you could not stop at that time? Remember those times when you read a post on facebook and the story h