Blue Ocean Strategy for Innovative Leaders

What is Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS)? It is a systematic method of creating new, profitable markets without competition and hence known as “blue oceansââ

Business Acumen Skills

This Business Acumen training course will improve your understanding of how operations, finance, marketing, and other functions must work together to create and execute a successful business strategy.

Sales Training with NLP- Close Sales, Increase Revenues, Boost Profit

This Successful Selling Skills training program is aimed at sharpening the skills and raising the confidence of sales professional to close deals, catapult sales volume, increase revenue and boost profits.

Supervisory Development Skills

This Supervisory course provides participants with strategies for effective supervision, and the skills and knowledge required to lead a team or work group in a business environment.

Leadership Skills for Managers~ 7 Key Tools for New Leaders

This is not a management course. It is distinctly a leadership program. We believe that leadership is the capacity to influence others to act. Leadership is an

Leading a High Performance Organization

The critical element that differentiates successful leaders is the application of effective interpersonal and influencing skills. Effective leaders help to get work completed, and also contribute to staff motivation and individual job satisfaction.

Transformational Leadership - Transforming Manager into Leaders

While many people believe that some individuals are born leaders, the good news is that leadership skills can be taught and learnt.