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Business Communication

This business communication course is designed to boost administrative professionals develop top-notch writing skills to increase their efficiency and to support their organisations more effectively.

Business English: Spoken English and Grammar

Most of us use English at work know the grammar of the language but they may not know much about the grammar how to analyse their own use of it. This practical workshop aims to establish an understanding of the basic ways in which the rules.

Copywriting Skills Intensive

This 2-day workshop provides copywriters with the opportunity to dissect and analyse great copy, understand the thinking that led to it, and how to develop their own ability to write like a God.

Developing Effective Business Case

This Developing Effective Business case course is carefully crafted to help you define the best solutions to your frustrating problems with your business or new products.

Email and Report Writing Skills

This Email and Report Writing course is designed to boost administrative professionals develop top-notch writing skills to increase their efficiency and to support their organisations more effectively.

English Communication At Work

In the world of business, effective communication is essential. The way we communicate with others can greatly enhance relationships and the way we do business. Communication is not just about talking, but understanding what others need.

Managing Meetings and Minutes Writing Made Easy

This 2-Day Minutes Writing workshop is designed to help you improve your skills in minute-taking. You will do various fun, edu-training practical activities that will show you how to write accurately and concisely while selecting the right vocabulary

Proposal Writing Skills - Business and Technical

Join us for an intensive day of immersion into the winning proposal writing process and equip yourself to be a productive and confident contributor and proposal writer. Learn how to craft compelling, persuasive and solid proposals that the decision

Report Writing; How to Write Simply and Clearly

Have you ever had difficulty in organising your thoughts? Or in deciding how to put together all the technical information you have available in writing? If you have had these kinds of difficulties, this course is for you

Oral English and Better Grammar for Business

This intensive course is for very busy working adults who need to enhance their credibility in their written work, be it a business proposal or business emails. Learn what it takes to produce fluent and error-free written work.

PR Writing in the Digital Age; Write with Impact, Influence and Inspiration

This PR Digital Writing for Digital with Impact training course is not only for full-time public relations staff, but also for anyone who has to deal with the press. Learn how to improve content marketing in this program in Malaysia and Australia.

Technical Report Writing and Presentation Skills for Engineers and Technical Personnel

It takes a lot of skill to communicate technical or commercial information efficiently and accurately. This course has been designed specifically for people who are required to write business reports concisely and effectively.



Change Management for Leaders

This practical Change Management workshop is about the process of supporting a work group to operate in a team-oriented environment that is characterized by such a shared purpose, value and vision.

Performance Management

The Strategic Performance Management Training program provides participants with the key understanding and skill application in managing performance as well as the use of coaching as an approach to maximize the potential of their people.

Strategic Management

This 2-day comprehensive programme on

Strategic Planning and Execution; Turning Your Vision to Reality

You have a vision for your company your ultimate goals? Come and join this life-changing training program today.

Supply Chain Management

Global supply chain management is a critical success factor for manufacturers and retailers in most industries. A product or service is delivered to the ultimate customer through a complex interaction of companies i.e. through a supply chain.

Leadership Communication; Managing Different Personalities

Coping with Anger Management? Join this training to train yourself to manage your emotions and understanding why others behaved the way you hated.


Blue Ocean Strategy for Innovative Leaders

What is Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS)? It is a systematic method of creating new, profitable markets without competition and hence known as “blue oceansââ

Business Acumen Skills

This Business Acumen training course will improve your understanding of how operations, finance, marketing, and other functions must work together to create and execute a successful business strategy.

Sales Training with NLP- Close Sales, Increase Revenues, Boost Profit

This Successful Selling Skills training program is aimed at sharpening the skills and raising the confidence of sales professional to close deals, catapult sales volume, increase revenue and boost profits.

SUCCESSION PLANNING: Designing Your Company's Future through Succession Planning

This 2-day workshop is designed to empower you and your team with the knowledge to execute an effective succession planning to be ready for the future.

Supervisory Development Skills

This Supervisory course provides participants with strategies for effective supervision, and the skills and knowledge required to lead a team or work group in a business environment.

Leadership Skills for Managers~ 7 Key Tools for New Leaders

This is not a management course. It is distinctly a leadership program. We believe that leadership is the capacity to influence others to act. Leadership is an

Leading a High Performance Organization

The critical element that differentiates successful leaders is the application of effective interpersonal and influencing skills. Effective leaders help to get work completed, and also contribute to staff motivation and individual job satisfaction.

Transformational Leadership - Transforming Manager into Leaders

While many people believe that some individuals are born leaders, the good news is that leadership skills can be taught and learnt.


Art of Communication and Closing Sales

The Art of Communication and Closing sales is a practical training workshop that is pertinent to any service industry who who offer products, service or consultancy to clients.

Brand Development Strategies in the Digital Age

Learn to create a strong brand identify that get stuck in people's minds. Hypnotise Your Audience with Your Brand Identify. Learn Branding as Pracsised by the Pros. Learn practical ways to build and grow brands for maximum profits.

Competitive Selling Strategies

This Competitive Selling Strategies training programme is designed keeping the challenges of sales in mind, and stresses the importance of developing a strong sales performance and management strategy that would bring more business and better profit

Digital Marketing Strategy on Social Media

In recent years, the social media networks have gained worldwide popularity. What started off as Gen-Y’s rage to learn new web technologies, has now been extended to Gen-X and Baby Boomers – who have the real purchas

Great Marketing with NLP (Bahasa)

Pemasaran merupakan satu proses atau aktiviti bagaimana produk atau perkhidmatan daripada pengeluar dipindahkan sehinggalah ke titik pembeli membeli atau menggunakannya. Pemasaran adalah satu perkara terpenting dalam sesebuah perniagaan mahupun organ

Power Packed Telesales

This Telesales and telemarketing training program takes a practical approach in terms of enhancing skills that are imperative for Sales and Service professionals to perform both their functions confidently.

Programmatic Precision Targeting

Learn from the THE BRAINS BEHIND PROGRAMMATIC Precision Targeting (Online Marketing) in this online branding workshop in London.

Social Media Marketing 101

How can one leverage on the power of Social to grow a business? This intensive 2-day Social Media Marketing workshop provides a realistic hands-on setting for beginners to embark on a Social Media Marketing journey.

Social Media Marketing and Branding Development

This intensive 2-day Social Media Marketing and Branding workshop provides a realistic hands-on setting for beginners to embark on a Social Media Marketing and branding journey. Peppered with case studies and practical both local and international, r

Social Media Marketing Masterclass; setup, manage and optimise social media campaigns effectively

Come and attend the best Social Media Marketing Masterclass; setup, manage and optimise social media campaigns effectively program.


Advanced Negotiation Skills Certification

In this course, you will learn powerful Negotiation Strategies. You will also learn to increase your influence and productivity and achieve measurable results with increased in personal satisfaction.

Negotiate To Win; Secrets to Improve Your Negotiation Effectiveness

Negotiation plays a great role in every aspect of business. this Negotiate to Win workshop takes you through the negotiation process systematically,while honing your interpersonal skills and sharpening your communication skills.

Negotiation Skills and Cost Optimization for Purchasing Professionals

This powerful Negotiation training for purchasing professionals describes a range of successful negotiating techniques and explains how you can use them to help you achieve your key objectives.

Strategic Negotiation and Deal Making

Strategic Negotiation and Deal Making training in Dubai is a most practical training programme in negotiation. Previous participants of this programme are from purchasing negotiators to PSC negotiators, from contract negotiators to trouble shooters.


Emotional Intelligence for Managers

In this life-changing experiential workshop, you will discover more about yourself. You will learn to be aware of yourself, manage your moods, empathize with others and hone your social skills


Persuasive Talk- Advanced NLP Persuasion Techniques through Presentation

When you are presenting to clients, colleagues, suppliers and stakeholders - are you just delivering information? Steve Jobs definitely gave you a great example of how to turn your products to a story. You too can have that ability.

Power Packed Sales Presentation

If your business depends on selling products or services to other firms, then you and your staff need to make not only great but winning sales presentations. This 2 day Sales Presentation Skills intensive course helps your sales team hone their skill

Professional Business Presentation Skills

The Professional Business Presentation Skills course is customised to focus on building on your confidence using a variety of techniques dealing with presenting in the business world.


Certified NLP Practitioner in Malay (Pensijilan Pengamal NLP)

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) menggabungkan pelbagai ilmu dan kajian dalam bidang yang berbeza seperti sibernetika (cybernetics), linguistik neurologi, dan pemodelan. Dengan menggunakan pemodelan, Dr Richard Bandler dan Profesor John Grinder, ma

Design Thinking with NLP; Law of Attraction

This Design Thinking with NLP course is specially designed in the Malay language to cater to Malaysians and Indonesians who would like to understand how to better make right business and life decisions with the powerful tool of NeuroLinguistics Progr

High Impact Stress Management using NLP with Music & Mind Therapy

Each and everyone of us responds differently to stress, some may experience anxiety, panic attacks, aggressive behavior while others find it affects their digestive system or makes them feel tired or run down.

NLP Coaching Skills for Managers

Being a successful manager requires not only business knowledge, but also coaching skills. This course teaches you how to handle the challenges you face in your role as a manager and a leader in a team. Understand what's coaching all about and how

NLP Master Practitioner

In this engaging 9 days NLP Master Practitioner workshop, you will discover how to elevate all your dreams to reality. Learn how to sail through your deepest challenges and grab back the controls of your life.

NLP Practitioner Certification

In this engaging 7-day NLP Practitioner workshop, you will discover how to develop your emotional intelligence to increase your personal and interpersonal effectiveness in your personal lives and at work. Learn how to sail through your deepest challe

Sales Strategy with NLP

This Sales Strategy with NLP training program is aimed at sharpening the skills and raising the confidence of sales professional to close deals, increase sales volume, increase revenue and profit.

StoryTelling Skills for Organisational Change

Surely you can remember the one time that were fascinated by a good story. Think for a moment, have you ever watched a movie or read a blog that you could not stop at that time? Remember those times when you read a post on facebook and the story h


Accounting for Non Accountants with GST

Accounting for Non Accounting Personnel course in Malaysia Upgrade your accounting skills and Understand The Financial Standing Of The Company And Increase Your Value and Worth in Your Company understand the accounting process and important concepts

Budgeting and Cash Flow Forecasting and Reporting

Cash is the most important resource in any business. It is therefore surprising that it is generally the most poorly managed aspect of many organisation. Cash flow management tend to take the form of crisis management at the end of each month.

Effective Debt Collection Through Credit Management

Packed with effective and proven to work techniques, this one-day program on Credit Management and Debt Collection is highly interactive and uses a very useful approach in dealing with day to day collection needs.

Effective Debt Recovery And Prevention Strategies Through Credit Management

In this seminar, you will be equipped with the tools, techniques and professional skills needed to collect commercial accounts more effectively and by design, rather than by default without losing the customer or client while building a lasting custo

Finance for Non-Finance Managers

Learn Finance for Non Finance Training course in dubai to enhance your confidence in understanding figures at work so that you can make better decisions like an accountant and able to hold a logical and informed meeting with the bunch of Finance guys

Financial Modelling with Excel for Budgeting and Costing

This 2 day financial modeling course offers you a sound understanding of both the principles of financial modeling and the practical application of these to real-world situations by using Excel to build financial models. Through this course, your w

Financial Statements for Non-Financial Managers

This Finance for Non Finance 2.0 focuses on Understanding Financial Statements for Non-Financial Managers. This course will teach you real-world skills for immediately understanding of even complex financial statements and financial reports that you

Fraud Management for Credit Operations

The Managing Fraud- Credit Operatons training course is to help professionals in Identifying, Mitigation Fraud In Credit Process- Pre, During and After Disbursement . Real-current problematic finance and debt cases will be analyzed and scenario solut

Handling Full Set of Accounts and the GST factor

This Handling Full Set of Accounts with GST factor training programme enables participants to understand how to prepare full set of financial accounts leading to preparations of financial statements.

Interpret and Analyse Financial Statements and Cash Flow Analysis for Better Decision Making

This hands-out practical workshop is a crash course to help decision makers like yourself, to gain deeper understanding of any company's position through analysis of their finances.

Personal Financial Planning

Explore the basic personal financial planning concepts. Learn how to define and reach your financial goals. Apply the framework of personal financial planning to monitor your own finances, with special emphasis on essential lifestyle topics.

Understanding Financial Statements To Set Up Key Perfomance Indicators For High Performance Organisation

A practical and comprehensive approach for any staff in a statutory body, government agency or public corporation to understand the financial statements made simple


Crisis Management on Social Media; How to Respond to a Social Crisis Effectively

This one day training intensive Crisis Management on Social Media workshop is designed to be highly practically to will help you create your own robust crisis management strategy before things spiral out of control and cause permanent reputational da

Cross Cultural Communication

Doing business in Asia learn cross cultural business program |Are you comfortable working and communicating within a culturally diverse environment? How comfortable are you to speak up during meetings with foreign customers?

Cross-Cultural Intelligence in the Malaysian Working Environment

Cross Culture Communications provides a full range of services designed to increase cross-cultural competencies and skills. Our training focuses on understanding cultural differences in the ways people think and motivate themselves.

Influencing and Persuading Skills

Come and Discover how NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) can transform your way through communication! Practice the secrets used by star communicators and lay the foundations of strong communication.

Managing Emotion, Conflict and Change

In this highly experiential and interactive Anger Management training workshop, you will learn to become receptive to your own emotional hot buttons and manage emotions, reactions and defensive behaviours better.

Managing Generation Gaps at the Workplace

As they are more and more different generations coming into the workforce, it becomes necessary for organizations to embrace and adapt to generational differences. As older employees delay retiring and younger employees are entering the workshop.

Persuasive Communication Skills

In today's business world, our work requires not only the academic skills. You need to build up your resilience and agility at work to handle all kinds of situations. And NLP can help achieve this through its core communication techniques.


8D Problem Solving Process

The 8D Problem Solving Process is one of the most effective problem solving processes that can successfully be applied in many different types of industries and organizations to identify and eliminate the underlying root cause(s) of a problem.

Creative and Critical Thinking

This course, Unleash the Creativity, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills, is ideal for groups of people who aim to solve problems complex collectively together. Solving problems as a group has its own unique issues.

Decision Making and Problem Solving Strategies

This is a 5 day interactive and innovative workshop that is simple but powerful for applying proven decision making and problem solving strategies to business situations, even the seemingly complex ones.

Effective Communication, Creative Thinking and Problem Solving for Engineers

Do you want to be able to communicate your ideas and vision effectively? Do you need tools that can ignite your creative thinking abilities? Do you want to be able to make calculated decisions that could bring better chances of success?


FMEA- Failure Mode Effects Analysis

Failure Mode Effects Analysis training (FMEA) is a valuable tool for preventing failure in both product and process design. FMEA is not a form to be completed alone by the responsible engineer after the design has been completed.

HIRARC;Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Risk Control

This course provide delegates with an introduction to the practical approaches to identifying the occupational health and safety (OHS) hazard of your company.

Scheduled Waste Management

Schedule Waste Management Training. ESH, Environment, Safety and Health Training in Malaysia


Managing Time and Increasing Work Efficiency

This 2 day intensive Time Management activity-based workshop will help you pinpoint causes of procrastination and indecision, detect personal time-wasters and increase your concentration and focus.

Positive Mental Attitude

This course will focus on developing Executives to become self-directed performers with the right attitude for learning and ultimately deliver high quality work that will make a bottom-line difference in your organization.


A Guide To Managing And Understanding The Workings of Commercial Contracts

In today's highly competitive and cost-conscious environment, understanding and managing your business or commercial contracts to avoid liability is an important part of business activity. Over 85% of business transactions are governed by contracts.

Drafting and Negotiating of Commercial Contracts Advance Level

This Commercial Contracts Drafting course will assist legal counsel and contract managers to read, review, perform risk management of contracts that they may not have designed or negotiated, to determine the specific terms that are applicable.


Certified Master Trainer

Whether you are a specialist or a department manager, this Certified Master Trainer program is a highly interactive, four-day Train The Trainer program that teaches you exactly what you need to be proficient at training for big groups of learners. Y

Train the Trainer Certification

This highly-charged, energetic and interactive workshop is designed for trainers & individuals to operate independently and inter-dependently to conduct learning that enables people to grow and develop.


Developing and Implementing Customer Service Strategies

Developing and Implementing Customer Service Strategies in Malaysia

Excellent Customer Service

This is an unusual training on Excellent Customer Service. This is workshop based and takes a highly practical approach to craft and instill behavioural skills for Service professionals so that they confidently serve with a wow effect.

Telephone Techniques and Handling Difficult Callers

Dealing with customers and handling their complaints on the telephone is stressful and risky business! In this course, we will share with you on how to meet those challenges.


Kursus Kemahiran Kaunselling

Kaunseling adalah proses interaksi yang membolehkan individu memahami diri dan situasinya. Proses ini akan mengakibatkan pembentukan atau penjelasan matlamat dan nilai hidup individu itu hingga dia dapat menentukan tindakan yang wajar untuk masa depa

Stress and Mind Relaxation Retreat

Each and everyone of us responds differently to stress, some may experience anxiety, panic attacks, aggressive behavior while others find it affects their digestive system or makes them feel tired or run down.

Stress and Mind Relaxation Retreat - BALI, INDONESIA

Each and everyone of us responds differently to stress, some may experience anxiety, panic attacks, aggressive behavior while others find it affects their digestive system or makes them feel tired or run down.


Filing and Records Management

Come and attend this powerful Effective Filing and Records Management training workshop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This is also part of the Clerical Development program Best in Malaysia documents

Secretarial and Administrative Skills

This Secretarial and Administrative Skills workshop is designed to enhance and improve the secretarial, administrative and people skills of secretaries. The administrative secretary must regularly exercise independent judgment and action.

Secretary Conference 2018

Every year, we hold an exclusive conference for Secretaries, Receptionists, Professional Assistants (PA) and Administrators who often manage the lives of important people in the workplace.

Administrative Professional Conference

In the Administrative Professional Seminar you'll learn to Boost your communication skills Build and strengthen your career with new professionalism, new authority and new success.


EFFECTIVE MARKETING, KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS AND THE BALANCED SCORECARD: Working on Your Marketing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Making Your Marketing KPIs Work for You

This workshop is designed to address two important areas of management for marketing productivity and growth. The first area is the setting of marketing KPIs and the second area is the managing of performance with an overview on the Balanced Scorecar

Effective Termination Of Employment, Handling Misconduct and Conducting A Domestic Inquiry

The main purpose of this Effective Termination of Employment, Handling Misconduct and Conducting Domestic Enquiry program is to allow the Human resource management to familiarize themselves with the implication of the Labour laws.

HR for Non HR Managers

This HR for Non HR Managers course highlights the complete employee life-cycle from pre-recruitment to post-termination as well as covering key employment law affecting the employer-employee relationship.

Interview Skills- Competency and Behaviorial Based

This Interview skills workshop provides a structured, replicable approach to interviewing by developing the skills your people need to interview confidently.

Managing Discipline at the Workplace

Running a business in Malaysia will require you to have a clear understanding of the Malaysian Employment Law and Industrial Relations practice. It is an invaluable tool to help protect your rights and obligation as both an employer and employee.

Training Needs Analysis; Methods, Tools and Techniques Simplified

Training needs analysis allows you to directly link the skills needed within the organisation with your current skill level.This course equips you with the skills required to carry out a training needs analysis.

Winning Employee Engagement

Recent studies on employees have shown that the quality of Employee engagement can determine the business performance of an organisation.

Developing and Implementing Key Performance Indicators (KPI) And Key Results Area (KRA)

Once an organization has analyzed its mission, identified all its stakeholders, and defined its goals, it needs a way to measure progress toward those goals.


IT Project Management

This IT Project Management course is specially tailored for the all the managers and executives involved in IT projects who need to acquire competent skills in using MS Project software to manage, control and document a project's progress.

Project Management and Implementation;Going Practical and Beyond PMI Best Practices

The Project Management and implementation Power Crash Course Program is the perfect career enhancer including a certificate of competency in the shortest possible time with the latest knowledge and the most effective training methods.


Lean Six Sigma

This Lean Six Sigma introductory course provides a concise overview for executives and senior managers who are involved in evaluating business operation and transactional performance.Through this course, you can start to establish your own Six Sigma

Operation Management Masterclass

This intensive Operation Management Masterclass workshop which will be held in Malaysia and Dubai covers the overview of product and service requirements into facilities, procedures, and operating organizations.

Production Resource Planning, Scheduling and Activity Control

Integrate production management methods into your operation and keep productivity up. Even if the economy is down.


Data Visualization and Business Dashboard In Excel For Business Intelligence

This Data Visualization and Business Intelligence with Excel course teaches participants how to manage their data using conventional methods and the latest Excel Power tools. Participants then use the art of story-telling to visualize their data on

Microsoft Excel - Basic

This Excel Basic workshop will familiarize delegates with spreadsheet terminology and the fundamental usage of Microsoft Excel including identifying Excel window components, navigating worksheets, and downloading templates.

Microsoft Excel- Advanced

By the end of the MS Excel; Advanced training, you will bring home the following skills: compute and calculate with advanced functions and formulas organize worksheet and table data using multiple techniques create and modify charts and graphs.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 - Level 1

In today's fast- paced, businesses using Microsoft Power Point presentation is indispensable. Learn to use it to prepare sales kit, proposals and reports professionally and create an impression on your audience.

Microsoft Powerpoint Training

In today's fast- paced, businesses using Microsoft Power Point presentation is indispensable. Learn to use it to prepare sales kit, proposals and reports professionally and create an impression on your audience.

Microsoft Word Training

Learn Microsoft Word intensively in a day through iTrainingExpert.

MS Project 2013 - Level 1

This MS Project workshop introduces the new user to Microsoft Projectand you will learn how create and modify a project plan. The plans need to be updated and modified regularly to keep the project moving on track. Familiarise yourself with the bas

MS Project 2013 - Level 2

This MS Project 2013 (Level 2) course will provide you with the tools to exercise greater cost and management control over your projects, enabling you to work on projects, avoid scheduling conflicts, exchange project data with other users and customi

Sharepoint Training

SharePoint provides an variety of different functionality which you can take advantage of, using it to build an almost endless variety of collaboration and information sharing applications. This course is aimed at organisations who already invested

Top 10 Excel Skills for Business Professionals

Do you have some co-workers who are always ahead with their data analysis while you are still struggling? The answer is simple. They are simply more efficient at using the Excel functions and formulas. And you too can achieve that in

Microsoft Excel- Intermediate

In today's fast- paced, technical business environment world, numbers meant everything. So it is of utmost importance that we the users, are able to manage the data - statistics, planning, reporting efficiently.

SharePoint for Effective Project Collaboration and Management

SharePoint Communication plays a critical role to the project success. Due to unstructured project depository, many ambiguous and inconsistencies emerged. With out-of-box SharePoint functionalities, all stakeholders can have better visibility on all

Document Management with SharePoint

Document Management with SharePoint training best IT trainer Malaysia, Asia, Singapore, Thailand


Teambuilding for Peak Performance

Indoor, Adventure and outdoor teambuilding programs can be specially tailored for your team for any size from 15 - 1000 pax. Our teambuilding facilitators have 10-25 years of experience in running teambuilding events in Asia Pacific.


Coaching and Mentoring Skills

The exclusively designed COACHING AND MENTORING SKILLS course to develop the role of managers (team leaders) as coaches, mentors, counselors and effective motivators.


Four Elements of Effective Corrosion Management

The workshop will discuss the 4 elements (Threats, Barriers, Assurance and Verification tools), essential for any successful corrosion management system. This is done through short lectures with ample opportunity for discussion.

Offshore Fixed Platforms Structural Integrity Excellence Mexico 2016

This Offshore fixed platform: Structural Integrity Excellence course is an effective and efficient structural integrity management strategy is integral to your maintenance operations. A cost-effective strategy will have a positive impact on you.


Etika dan Protokol Pengurusan Majlis

Kursus Etika and Protokao Penguruan Majlis ini akan menekankan aspek-aspek pengacaraan majlis untuk meningkatkan pengetahuan dan kemahiran mereka di dalam mengendalikan dan mengacarakan majlis rasmi dan sosial.

Image, Grooming and Personal Branding

Appearances, business and social etiquette are critical for an individual to present a professionally positive and well-groomed impression.