Accounting for Non-Accountants

This Accounting for Non-Accountants course gives participants an in-depth understanding of the analytical and organiational skills involved in effective accounting.

Budgeting and Cash Flow Forecasting and Reporting

This Budgeting & Cashflow course offers participants the skills needed to analyze company revenue and create resource financial management strategies

Business Turnaround

This course will provide you with an understanding, paradigm, and model structure for identifying, remedying, and resolving troubled and distressed business situations. You will learn how to distinguish between companies that can be repaired (given e

Corporate Tax for SME

This crash course provides clients with the knowledge they need to understand the basics of corporate taxation and compliance for SMEs in Malaysia.

Credit Evaluation And Fraud Protection

The credit evaluation and fraud protection training course is to help professionals in Identifying, Mitigation Fraud In Credit Process- Pre, During and After Disbursement. In addition, participants will learn financial statements and apply various

Debt Recovery and Prevention Strategies Through Credit Management- 2 day

In this Debt Recovery training program, you will be equipped with the tools, techniques and professional skills needed to collect commercial accounts more effectively and by design, rather than by default without losing the customer or client while b

Debt Recovery Strategies Masterclass (3 days) International

By the end of the Debt Recovery Strategies Masterclass, you will be able to: Understand the meaning and reasons for Credit Management Appreciate the importance of credit policy in defining the objectives, function and responsibilities of credit depa

Effective Credit Control & Debt Collection Management

This highly interactive 2-day program focuses on credit control and effective management of debt collection skills.

Effective Debt Collection & Credit Management

Packed with effective and proven to work techniques, this one-day program on Credit Management and Debt Collection is highly interactive and uses a very useful approach in dealing with day to day collection needs.

E-Invoicing for Professionals

The e-Invoice will enable instant or near-instant validation and storage of transactions, catering to Business-to-Business (B2B), Business-to-Consumer (B2C) and Business-to-Government (B2G) transactions.

Finance for Non-Finance Managers

This Finance for Non-Finance training gives participants an in-depth crash course on the tools, techniques and terminology needed to analyze your organization's statements, costs and other vital data.

Financial Modelling For Forecasting, Budgeting & Financial Statements In Excel

This course teaches participants how to create accurate and comprehensive financial modelling for forecasting, budgeting and costing with Excel.

Fraud Management for Credit Operations

The Managing Fraud- Credit Operatons training course is to help professionals in Identifying, Mitigation Fraud In Credit Process- Pre, During and After Disbursement . Real-current problematic finance and debt cases will be analyzed and scenario solut

Handling Full Set of Accounts

This Handling Full Set of Accounts with GST factor training programme enables participants to understand how to prepare full set of financial accounts leading to preparations of financial statements.

How To Read Financial Statements

This 1-day program Accounting Made Easy helps you learn by using real-life case studies in layman’s terms to help you grasp the fundamental principles and concepts of Accounting & Finance. You will learn to interpret and communicate

Interpret and Analyse Financial Statements and Cash Flow Analysis for Better Decision Making

This hands-out practical workshop is a crash course to help decision makers like yourself, to gain deeper understanding of any company's position through analysis of their finances.

Mastering Accounting for Manufacturing

Gain accounting expertise and improved financial decision-making skills in this specialized training program for the manufacturing industry.

Sales & Service Tax 2018 (SST)

Sales Tax and Service Tax (SST) Malaysia re-starts on 1 September 2018. SST replaces Goods and Services Tax (GST) which ended 30 June 2018. This new SST may appear to be simple and straight forward but given the differences in scope and mechanism, bu

Understanding Financial Statements To Set Up Key Perfomance Indicators For High Performance Organisation

A practical and comprehensive approach for any staff in a statutory body, government agency or public corporation to understand the financial statements made simple

Understanding Malaysian Sales & Service Tax (SST)

UNDERSTANDING MALAYSIAN SALES & SERVICE TAX (SST) The Malaysian Sales and Service Tax (SST) have been implemented on the 1st September 2018 replacing the Goods and Service Tax (GST). Are you still having issues that you would like to seek clarificat