Colored Brain Communication for Leaders; Lead, Drive and Inspire Your Team

Do we know that our behaviour boils down to our genetic brain color? Different brain colors will look at the world though their own colored lenses, and dictates the way each acts, reacts, analyses and problem solves. This workshop also clarifies the

Crisis Management on Social Media; How to Respond to a Social Crisis Effectively

This one day training intensive Crisis Management on Social Media workshop is designed to be highly practically to will help you create your own robust crisis management strategy before things spiral out of control and cause permanent reputational da

Cross Cultural Communication

Doing business in Asia learn cross cultural business program |Are you comfortable working and communicating within a culturally diverse environment? How comfortable are you to speak up during meetings with foreign customers?

Cross-Cultural Intelligence in the Malaysian Working Environment

Cross Culture Communications provides a full range of services designed to increase cross-cultural competencies and skills. Our training focuses on understanding cultural differences in the ways people think and motivate themselves.

Managing Emotion, Conflict and Change

In this highly experiential and interactive Anger Management training workshop, you will learn to become receptive to your own emotional hot buttons and manage emotions, reactions and defensive behaviours better.

Managing Generation Gaps at the Workplace

As they are more and more different generations coming into the workforce, it becomes necessary for organizations to embrace and adapt to generational differences. As older employees delay retiring and younger employees are entering the workshop.

Persuasive Communication Skills

In today's business world, our work requires not only the academic skills. You need to build up your resilience and agility at work to handle all kinds of situations. And NLP can help achieve this through its core communication techniques.

Workplace Diversity

In this increasingly competitive global market place, having cultural intelligence (CQ) to manage diversity and to intellectually communicate effectively across cultures is now a key competency for all employees. This is because every culture has a