Debt Collection Through Telephone Skills

Credit control training is packed with effective and proven to Telephone Debt collection techniques training, this one-day program on Credit Management and Debt Collection is highly interactive and uses a very useful approach in dealing with day to d

Developing and Implementing Customer Service Strategies

Developing and Implementing Customer Service Strategies in Malaysia

Engage Your Audience Online

Are you having to conduct your presentations online and like most of us, it is yet another skill that you need to master to continue your employment or reach sales targets?

Excellent Customer Service & Response to Complaints

This Customer Service course provides participants with comprehensive communication and people management skills that helps with client retention and the creation of a top quality customer experience.

Live Chat Customer Service

Live Chat provides convenience, speed and reduction in the customerÃÂÃââ

Power Packed Telesales

This Telesales and telemarketing training program takes a practical approach in terms of enhancing skills that are imperative for Sales and Service professionals to perform both their functions confidently.

Telephone Techniques and Handling Difficult Callers

Dealing with customers and handling their complaints on the telephone is stressful and risky business! In this course, we will share with you on how to meet those challenges.