Simply, just what it sounds like it is. Cost of Poor Quality is how much money a nonconforming condition costs your organization… The “How Much Does it Hurt” metric. And quite the valuable metric it is. It shows you, your team, and

Effective Inventory & Store Management

Organization materials cost constitutes the major cost for the production of their products. Materials cost consist of Ordering Cost, Receiving Cost, Holding Cost, Reject Cost and Purchase Cost. We need to balance or optimize this cost.

Filing and Records Management

Come and attend this powerful Effective Filing and Records Management training workshop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This is also part of the Clerical Development program Best in Malaysia documents

Secretarial and Administrative Skills

This Secretarial and Administrative Skills workshop is designed to enhance and improve the secretarial, administrative and people skills of secretaries. The administrative secretary must regularly exercise independent judgment and action.

Secretary Day Conference 2019

Every year on National Professional Secretaries Day Week and National Secretary Day , we hold an exclusive conference for Secretaries, Receptionists, Professional Assistants (PA) and Administrators who often manage the lives of important people in th

Administrative Professional Conference

In the Administrative Professional Seminar you'll learn to Boost your communication skills Build and strengthen your career with new professionalism, new authority and new success.