Advanced Selling Skills: Insight Sales (b2b)

This course is unique for the following reasons: It builds insights into the complexities of sales discussions with your potential clients. It looks at the different perspectives of customer behavior and why they behave in a certain manner. What pot

Competitive Selling Skills

7 Keys Tools for Professional Selling skills training is designed keeping the challenges of sales in mind, and stresses the importance of developing a strong sales performance and management strategy that would bring more business and better pro

Effective Sales Bootcamp (Lumina Way)

All Sales personel need to build rapport, co-create results with your clients. Improve negotiation skills, improve sales cycle and reduce sales commodity.

High Impact Sales Coaching (1 day)

Is your sales team strong, innovative and productive? Business lockdown! Worrying about sales! Stop worrying, Start acting!

High Impact Telesales (Online)

This Telesales and telemarketing training program takes a practical approach in terms of enhancing skills that are imperative for Sales and Service professionals to perform both their functions confidently.

Sales Coaching for High Performance ( 2 days)

This workshop is designed to transform managers into coaches, equipping participants with tools and methodologies to help them to coach their team members effectively to become high performers.